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[09:59:15] <rbkrishna> Hello

[10:05:16] <rbkrishna> Hey I am new here :-)

[10:05:37] <rbkrishna> But I am enthusiastic to contribute something to the community

[10:05:53] <rbkrishna> Can anyone help me start with something basic

[10:16:23] <tsegismont> Hello rbkrishna , is there any area you're knowledgeable with already? I'd suggest to start from there.

[10:16:50] <tsegismont> pmlopes, have we created the “easy”/“low hanging fruit” or whatever tag?

[10:17:33] <pmlopes> yes, let me check waffle since there is a filter for it

[10:17:52] <pmlopes> “QuickWin”

[10:18:34] <pmlopes> Quick Win with a space

[10:27:11] <tsegismont> rbkrishna, ^^ pick a project from the stack, one you're comfortable with, and filter GH issues with label “Quick Win”

[10:27:48] <tsegismont> If you have any question, we can help here or in the developer forum (see the community page on the website for links)

[10:45:19] <rbkrishna> Okay

[10:45:24] <rbkrishna> Thanks

[10:45:38] <rbkrishna> I am comfortable with Java

[10:45:45] <rbkrishna> I am an android app developer

[10:46:13] <rbkrishna> And I know some backend stuff

[10:46:27] <rbkrishna> I'll check the issues as you said :)

[10:49:28] <tsegismont> rbkrishna, perfect, welcome then :)

[14:37:30] <BadApe> i would like to have a 'local' and 'cluster' eventbus other than to id the local event service. are there any other ways to handle this?

[14:42:06] <Sticky_> that didnt make too much sense

[15:08:15] <BadApe> let me try and explain what i think i want to do, so i have a cluster of x number of identical fat jars, sometimes i would like to raise an event that the cluster should listen to, sometimes i would just like to communicate locally between verticles that are on the same jvm

[15:09:19] <BadApe> so i would like to write log entries into a db

[15:09:58] <Sticky_> so you can use localConsumer, to register handlers that only receive events from the local jvm

[15:10:07] <BadApe> aha cool

[15:10:14] <BadApe> must have not found that in the docs

[15:11:17] <BadApe> hmm, can't see it in the core manual

[15:11:44] <Sticky_>

[15:19:41] <BadApe> ah i didn't read the api docs, guilty

[15:19:56] <BadApe> normally the vert.x docs are pretty great

[15:21:59] <D-Spair> Hurrummpph! My company just started a “Global Reduction In Force” and my whole department was sacked! Ouch!

[15:22:20] <D-Spair> Anyone have any good leads working with Vert.x?

[15:22:35] <D-Spair> US Based, prefer remote…

[15:28:22] <BadApe> D-Spair, actually yes, sorry we are in the UK

[15:28:32] <BadApe> and miles away from london

[15:29:33] <Sticky_> BadApe: what company is that?

[15:30:30] <BadApe> hope you don't mind me giving you in private

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[17:10:13] <D-Spair> Heh! A friend of mine suggested that I should learn Akka/Play!/Lagom to be “more valuable”…. I started going through the tutorials, and 8 classes later they had a HelloWorld service… O_O

[17:11:00] <D-Spair> Makes you REALLY appreciate how productive Vert.x really is…

[17:13:25] <D-Spair> I think I could reproduce their “Chirper” example application in about 1/10th of the code using Vert.x

[17:16:25] <Sticky_> be careful about judging a language/framework etc by its helloworld

[17:21:28] <D-Spair> Sticky_: I agree… But first impressions are powerful. If there are easier workflows, they should be highlighted in the tutorials.