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[16:40:34] <pikajude> will vertx support junit 5 soon?

[16:53:48] <tsegismont> pikajude, have you tried? does it fail? how?

[16:54:06] <pikajude> junit 5 doesn't use a test runner class in the same way junit 4 does afaict

[16:54:16] <pikajude> so yeah, it fails with a runtime error saying there's no ParameterResolver for TestContext

[19:01:53] <temporalfox> pikajude I believe that it could be contributed in a vertx-junit specific project

[19:02:03] <pikajude> okay

[19:37:04] <pikajude> is it possible to block the current thread until a Future completes, then get the result of the future?

[19:37:12] <pikajude> this is in tests, where I don't need or want everything to be async

[19:46:39] <pikajude> awaitResult no good, apparently tests have to be run within a fiber

[19:46:46] <pikajude> and the documentation only provides a way to do that for verticles

[23:05:59] <AlexLehm> pikajude: you cannot use a blocking wait in a vertx-unit test, but you can use Async objects to synchronize the execution in a way

[23:06:10] <pikajude> i found CompletableFuture to be useful

[23:06:14] <pikajude> which is what Async uses apparently

[23:07:10] <AlexLehm> not sure how Async is implemented, but it takes care not to finished the test until all are completed

[23:07:53] <AlexLehm> if you are in a normal unit test without vertx-unit, you can use CountDownLatch and await

[23:22:48] <AlexLehm> should take a look at CompletableFuture probably

[23:26:47] <pikajude> yeah, i used completable futures