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 +[09:57:04] <​jase>​ Hi all, I'm seeing something odd, not sure whats going on. I have a simple vertx3 tcp NetServer and NetSocket listener. all works flawlessly when client->​server are on the same host. but when I run the server on a different host, when the client closed, the server despite the sock.closeHandler being called fails to actually close the socket, hence open files abound, and netstat says connections are ESTABLISHED. ​ close the application,​ all
 +[09:57:36] <​jase>​ also after a configured IdleTimeout,​ the connections are properly closed.
 +[09:59:14] <​jase>​ does anyon ehave any idea what might be going on? -the only difference in server logs re local vs remote are that when run remote the server gets a number of '​java.io.IOException:​ Connection reset by peer' ​ exceptions. ​ the sock.closeHandler still fires though. but sockets arent closed.
 +[10:00:19] <​jase>​ I'll clarify - some sockets arent closed. ​ if I hammer the server from a remote client a great many sockets remain open and hundreds of thousands of open files remain