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[03:25:20] <Edgar> Hi, I am looking for an example where I do have more than 1 entity/pojo class with different routing and starting in the same vertx app

[03:25:33] <Edgar> any idea to where could I look for some app like this?

[03:26:01] <Edgar> That sample is great

[03:26:03] <Edgar>

[03:26:29] <Edgar> but it has just 1 pojo, I am looking for the best practice to start more than 1 using Java

[12:46:37] <sumit> Can vertx be the server required to process advertisement requests? Say at the rate of 60k rps including processing of around 35 parameters.

[13:12:30] <tsegismont> sumit, that's a good use case I think

[14:40:45] <sumit> @tsegismont I moved an existing codebase to Vert.x but the performance isn't satisfactory. Using wrk: ~40k rps (8 core machine). But on production it goes down to 15-20.