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[20:00:32] <ChicagoJohn> for a microservices architecture, would you ever use the service proxy or the event bus? or is it primarily for HTTP rest calls?

[20:02:15] <ChicagoJohn> the microservices examples (aggregate and pipeline) only make use of HTTP calls. follow up, is service discovery something you use alongside microservices? i saw you have the docker discovery.

[20:05:48] <dbh613> event bus is great for microservices receiving some event/message for which they need to process, doing something, and possibly putting another event on the message bus for further processing

[20:07:59] <dbh613> In the cases I've used it, I haven't used a service proxy or HTTP calls. In low-memory / slow CPU / single core instances where the microservices need access to results from others, I've used mutliple verticles (microservices) running in the same vertx instance, and used Shared Memory

[20:08:51] <dbh613> Event Bus (with HazelCast behind it) was too memory overhead for a Raspberry Pi B+ with 512 MB ram, overclocked single CPU core to 700 Mhz

[20:09:00] <dbh613> too much memory overhead

[20:13:28] <ChicagoJohn> lets say we do microservices in docker containers. between those containers, would that imply only HTTP?

[20:14:31] <ChicagoJohn> from what i gather from your raspberry work, you deployed multiple independent verticles on to the same machine and used the event bus.

[20:22:35] <dbh613> ChicagoJohn: Those microservices (in different docker containers) could communicate over the event bus

[20:22:52] <dbh613> Unless you have some need for it go over some other protocol

[20:23:34] <dbh613> the event bus allows different instances of Vertx to discover each otehr and share/communicate with each other

[20:23:52] <ChicagoJohn> is that because of the docker service discovery 'plugin'? or is that just inherent in vertx to be able to discover each other because they are ion the same subnet

[20:24:39] <dbh613> event_bus

[20:24:42] <dbh613>

[20:25:06] <ChicagoJohn> thanks

[20:25:18] <dbh613> Hazelcast discovering other instances of hazelcast on the same subnet

[20:25:33] <ChicagoJohn> science man….science

[20:25:37] <ChicagoJohn> thanks

[20:25:41] <dbh613> There is also support for Apache Ignite as the event bus

[20:26:42] <dbh613> all of that messaging can be pub/sub or point to point

[20:28:55] <dbh613> It is pretty slick stuff from what I've seen so far.