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[15:54:12] <reisberg> Hi all, I'm using the vertx (for Java) with Scala, and I want to use Future inside my routes to respond to clients (inside my Future: rc.response.write … )

[15:54:41] <reisberg> is it threadsafe to do that?

[15:55:20] <Sticky> I assume scala runs its own thread pool to run its futures? if so probably not

[15:55:30] <reisberg> i see

[15:55:53] <reisberg> so that was going to be my next question: how do I get the correct threadpool to run with my Future?

[15:58:01] <reisberg> (in vertx's user manual, it says that most objects are threadsafe. So, rc is not threadsafe? )

[15:59:21] <Sticky> actually that is a good point, I was just making the general statement that vertx's concurrency guarentees wont work if you are using your own thread pool, in that specific case it may be fine

[15:59:49] <Sticky> I think easiest way is to use vertx.runOnContext

[16:00:19] <Sticky> could look at

[16:00:26] <Sticky> but that project looks dead

[16:01:20] <reisberg> yeah

[16:01:28] <reisberg> also, it's not about executioncontext

[16:01:55] <reisberg> so if I create my execution context, and my run calls vertx.runOnContext, then I'm good?

[16:02:56] <Sticky> Should be yes

[16:03:09] <reisberg> thanks!!!

[16:16:37] <BadApe> i just got a weird error java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: vertx\file-cache-xxx

[16:17:08] <BadApe> i deleted .vertx and started again, weirdly enough the directories are created

[16:24:01] <moment-4> @BadApe I had something similar… it's possible to disable the creation of that directory (if I remember well). Forgot how to do that, though…

[16:40:29] <BadApe> it is weird as this project is not new and nothing changed

[18:15:08] <Noam_> Hello, any estimation when 3.3 is going to be released?

[18:17:41] <temporalfox> hi Noam_ we should have a milestone this week and we aim a release around 22/06

[18:17:45] <temporalfox> that week

[18:20:05] <Noam_> Thanks! Looking forward to rediscover geo implementation