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[19:17:50] <aesteve> hi temporalfox . Let me know if you have a sec

[19:26:35] <temporalfox> hi aesteve

[19:30:11] <aesteve> hi, I have some free time to give vertx-unit improvements a look

[19:31:46] <aesteve> is everything in master ?

[19:32:03] <temporalfox> no it is in a branch

[19:32:14] <temporalfox>

[19:32:21] <temporalfox> basically a review of the feature

[19:32:29] <temporalfox> usage

[19:32:35] <temporalfox> is it documented well

[19:32:52] <temporalfox> is it usable

[19:32:57] <temporalfox> does it improve things

[19:35:59] <aesteve> ok I'll try with a simple example of what I did experience in the past

[19:36:13] <aesteve> (missing an exception that occurred within a test)

[19:37:15] <temporalfox> also using fail()

[19:37:17] <temporalfox> junit fail

[19:37:19] <aesteve> Could not find artifact io.vertx:vertx-core:jar:tests:3.3.0-20160430.062803-268 in sonatype-nexus-snapshots (

[19:37:22] <temporalfox> or things like assert J

[19:38:04] <temporalfox>

[19:38:18] <temporalfox>

[19:38:42] <temporalfox> I need to go cook :-)

[19:39:04] <aesteve> have fun ! :)

[19:39:53] <temporalfox> thanks

[19:40:03] <temporalfox> you can provide feedback on vertx-dev

[19:40:03] <temporalfox> there is a thread for that

[19:40:05] <temporalfox> already

[19:41:34] <aesteve> yes if I have something special to notice

[19:47:02] <AlexLehm> temporalfox: I have implemented an additional test for the proxy dns resolution issue we had an I noticed an inconsistency in the tls test code

[19:47:25] <temporalfox> ok cook AlexLehm

[19:47:34] <temporalfox> awesome work

[19:48:12] <AlexLehm> i can commit that to a branch if you would take a look, i would appreciate that

[19:48:53] <temporalfox> sure, do that and drop a note on the github issue

[19:48:58] <AlexLehm> the clientVerifyHost was essentially a no-op

[19:49:02] <AlexLehm> ok

[19:49:58] <AlexLehm> i meant to start the socks proxy implementation but the weather was way too good to work inside

[19:51:46] <temporalfox> :-)

[19:54:44] <aesteve> do as I do : work outside :D

[19:56:39] <temporalfox> good strategy

[19:56:52] <temporalfox> but outside the screen can be hard to read if there is too much sunshine

[19:57:11] <aesteve> idd

[19:57:26] <aesteve> god bless 4G with connection sharing

[19:57:55] <temporalfox> and Sosh!

[19:58:21] <temporalfox> I really need to cook now :-)

[19:58:23] <temporalfox> see ya