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[09:48:56] <joson> cescoffier: What does PR mean? Sorry This is my first time to pull codes on github.

[09:49:13] <cescoffier> joson : PR is pull request

[09:49:38] <cescoffier> joson : I just wanted an explanation, before putting a 'invalid' label on the PR (to it's not part of the release notes)

[09:51:11] <joson> oh, I get it. Next time I'll comment when do any operation on PR

[09:51:30] <cescoffier> joson : no worries, it's just our internal vert.x process

[09:55:06] <joson> It's actually a better way to me for cooperation :)

[21:00:55] <jtruelove_> what have people used to map mysql result sets to objects in the context of vert.x?

[21:01:27] <jtruelove_> for instance vertx-cassandra has nice integration with cassandra's object mapper

[22:34:51] <temporalfox> jtruelove_ maybe you can get some points in vertx awesome ?