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[00:09:45] <kuwv> Can anyone tell me all the way possible there is to deploy verticles?

[00:09:56] <kuwv> *ways

[05:19:28] <donghee_na> kuww you can deploy by such as docker?

[07:12:24] <Narigo> Hi there, could anyone please have a quick review of these two PRs? and

[11:26:09] <temporalfox> Narigo looks good I commented

[11:52:11] <dns_> hi there! Is it possible to disable returning keys from DB which affected in updateWithParams method?

[11:53:19] <dns_> I use this method for bulk insert and want to receive only status of calling this tatement.

[11:53:32] <dns_> ok/error

[11:57:08] <WhiteAngel> Hey, guys. Did anyone try to use vert.x unit testing with Mockito?

[11:57:16] <WhiteAngel> I'm unable to mock my connection to MongoDB

[12:37:23] <Narigo> temporalfox, thanks for reviewing! I hope this is also okay:

[14:13:45] <Narigo> temporalfox, if you have another minute… (like #44, but added another test that shows that the newest driver update fixed something) ;)

[14:15:01] <temporalfox> Narigo by the way, in 3.3 we are going at some point to move to Netty 4.1

[14:15:17] <temporalfox> the author of vertx-mysql-postgres-client expressed also the will to move to this version

[14:15:38] <temporalfox> I opened an issue in the driver github issue

[14:29:46] <Narigo> temporalfox, do you have any insight about when this will happen? When is the final Netty version 4.1 out?

[14:29:58] <temporalfox> no

[14:30:02] <temporalfox> I hope before 3.3 :-)

[14:30:18] <temporalfox> I talked a bit with norman and he told me it should be *ok*

[14:30:29] <temporalfox> given that we need to make Eclipse CQ IP

[14:30:31] <temporalfox> too

[14:30:42] <temporalfox> perhaps that it will delay vertx 3.3

[14:31:03] <temporalfox> in this case we would make a milestone release

[14:31:18] <temporalfox> now it is CR3 release

[14:32:29] <Narigo> Is there any news about the eclipse stuff actually? Like is everything on the way, working out; will we have a vert.x organisation on github with the core project itself? ;)

[14:32:52] <temporalfox> we are still working

[14:33:00] <temporalfox> the github organization should be *ok*

[14:33:39] <temporalfox> the webmaster said he is going to work on it

[14:33:50] <temporalfox> and it should be a matter of a few months

[14:34:30] <temporalfox> I hope to have clarifications in the coming weeks about this

[14:34:33] <temporalfox> and update with the community

[14:34:56] <temporalfox> meanwhile Vert.x 3.3 release can be done like for 3.2

[14:35:50] <Narigo> yay! :)

[14:36:29] <Narigo> Good work to all involved - seems like we're finally getting to something with minimal overhead :)

[14:39:02] <temporalfox> well there will stil lbe the CQ

[14:39:09] <temporalfox> and we don't know how the overhead

[14:39:20] <temporalfox> I think we wil learn step by step

[14:39:27] <temporalfox> because we will migrate stuff step by step

[14:46:03] <Narigo> Hmm, okay, hope it won't be more than today though… ?! :)

[14:50:50] <temporalfox> no

[14:50:57] <temporalfox> but there will be more jars :-)

[14:51:19] <temporalfox> it means actually we will need to plan more carefully dependencies updates

[16:54:30] <AshwinSurana> Hi, I am a student applying for GSOC .

[16:54:42] <AshwinSurana> In the Implementation of [unknown:ldquo]blueprint[unknown:rdquo] Vert.x applications project idea

[16:55:03] <WhiteAngel> gl in GSOC ;)

[16:55:20] <AshwinSurana> How many applications are we to develop

[16:55:21] <AshwinSurana> ?

[16:55:57] <AshwinSurana> Four application has been mentioned in the application

[16:56:10] <AshwinSurana> but only three application names and link have been mentioned.

[16:56:59] <AshwinSurana> Four application has been mentioned in the proposal*

[16:57:04] <cescoffier> AshwinSurana WhiteAngel yes 4, be still puzzling about the fourth one

[16:57:21] <AshwinSurana> Thanks WhiteAngel :)

[16:57:39] <AshwinSurana> Alright, was just making sure :) Thanks

[16:58:20] <AshwinSurana> cescoffier how many application implementation is required for the proposal?

[16:58:48] <cescoffier> for the proposal, we would like to have only the first one (todo-backend)

[16:59:15] <cescoffier> it must use a persistent storage (we let you choose your preferred one)

[16:59:40] <AshwinSurana> Thanks :)

[16:59:43] <cescoffier> be *very* careful to not block the event loop thread when developing this application and follow the vert.x non-blocking, asynchronous model

[16:59:57] <cescoffier> The UI is not required, but if it's there that's great

[17:18:58] <AshwinSurana> Thanks for the pointers cescoffier :)

[18:48:39] <AndChat|512> Hi cescoffer can you review my GSoC proposal?

[18:49:02] <AndChat|512> Oops my name is donghee na

[18:49:17] <AndChat|512> I need some feedbacks for my proposal

[19:00:54] <cescoffier> AndChat|512 I can't find your proposal

[19:01:39] <AndChat|512> I submit on vert.x organization few days ago…

[19:02:14] <AndChat|512> Hmm my mail is corona10 at gmail dot com

[19:04:13] <AndChat|512> proposal name is Implementation of [unknown:ldquo]blueprint[unknown:rdquo] Vert.x applications and write documents for future beginners

[19:04:21] <AndChat|512> It would be help?

[19:06:12] <cescoffier> oh, I see it now, I needed your email

[19:07:33] <AndChat|512> Anyway sorry for my anonymous irc nickname my smart phone client sometimes go wrong..

[19:37:45] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [19:51:14] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[20:46:12] <dns_> Hi. Is it ok that I cannot register eventbus().consumer inside websocketHandler?

[20:46:58] <dns_> I'd like to register some consumers when user start websocket session

[21:03:16] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_

[21:05:23] <cescoffier> dns_ it should be possible

[21:06:22] <dns_> Yes! I have two identical environmets, but on the second one websocket handler skip every second registration(

[21:06:49] <dns_> sorry for my english(

[21:07:19] <dns_> each second call of websocket handler can register consumer

[21:09:42] <dns_> oops.. my mistake.. When I handle websocket request I send some information to another verticle for some auth checks.

[21:33:24] <dns_> so.. problem still existing

[21:33:52] <dns_> each second eventbus().sent is missing

[22:09:45] <cescoffier> dns_ : if you use send, the event is dispatch to a single consumer

[22:09:50] <cescoffier> use publish instead

[22:26:49] <dns_> Thank you! I'll try

[23:13:18] <FainTMako> Hello world, when attempting to build vertx from source I get roughly 20 failures and some errors is this normal?

[23:37:14] <temporal_> FainTMako you mean test suite ?

[23:37:52] <FainTMako> No, I cleaned the target directory and ran mvn package in the vert.x folder with just the default files from github

[23:38:06] <FainTMako> If that is the test suite then I apologize.

[23:38:29] <temporal_> what failures do you get ?

[23:39:59] <FainTMako> 40\lib\ The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

[23:40:18] <temporal_> windows ?

[23:40:21] <FainTMako> And I just cleared the whole target folder before running that so I know that no process was using the files.

[23:40:21] <FainTMako> Yes.

[23:40:50] <FainTMako> Tests run: 2086, Failures: 19, Errors: 15, Skipped: 11

[23:41:29] <temporal_> it was added recently

[23:42:07] <temporal_> a contribution to support zip

[23:42:11] <temporal_> in addition of jars

[23:42:29] <temporal_>

[23:42:31] <temporal_>

[23:42:33] <FainTMako> That seemed to be the source of most of the failures.

[23:43:30] <temporal_> can you run just this test ?

[23:43:40] <temporal_> mvn test -Dtest= NestedZipFileResolverTest

[23:43:44] <temporal_> no whitespace

[23:43:48] <temporal_> mvn test -Dtest=NestedZipFileResolverTest

[23:44:13] <FainTMako> running it now.

[23:44:36] <temporal_> thanks

[23:44:44] <temporal_> run also please NestedJarFileResolverTest

[23:44:47] <temporal_> to see how it compares

[23:45:13] <FainTMako> sure, I'll send you the results as soon as they come in.

[23:45:17] <temporal_> thanks

[23:45:29] <temporal_> unfortunately I don't have access to windows :-(

[23:46:22] <FainTMako> here is the result of my first test

[23:46:22] <FainTMako>

[23:46:27] <FainTMako> Can you not run a virtual machine?

[23:47:05] <temporal_> I could but I don't have a license

[23:47:48] <FainTMako> I'm guessing you're not elgible for msdn?

[23:47:54] <temporal_> I don't know

[23:48:51] <FainTMako> that might have been the wrong term now that I looked it up

[23:49:06] <FainTMako> For example if you are a college student currently you can get free windows licenses.

[23:49:29] <temporal_> I'm not student :-)

[23:50:02] <temporal_> what is your windows version ?

[23:50:18] <temporal_> do you have a github id ?

[23:50:41] <FainTMako> I'm in windows 7

[23:50:51] <FainTMako> on* and github id as in a login?

[23:51:18] <temporal_> yes so I can mention you in the github issue I'm creating

[23:52:26] <FainTMako> FainTMako

[23:53:17] <temporal_>

[23:53:19] <FainTMako> here are the results from the second test

[23:53:20] <FainTMako>

[23:53:49] <FainTMako> ok do you want me to make another issue for the other test?

[23:54:05] <temporal_> no

[23:54:12] <temporal_> if you want to build you can skip the test with -DskipTests

[23:54:29] <temporal_> or grab the snapshot from sonatype oss repository

[23:54:32] <temporal_> snapshots

[23:54:34] <temporal_> build by jenkins

[23:56:48] <FainTMako> I'm wanting to take your work on the http2 branch and do my modifications. So if I make modifications do I have to re run all the tests or do I just need to make my own tests for the new code and then test it?

[23:57:44] <FainTMako> Also after packaging with -DskipTests which seems to have skipped the tests it ended with a failure and this is what it said. [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.asciidoctor:asciidoctor-maven-plugin:1.5.3:process-asciidoc (default) on project vertx-core: Execution default of goal org.asciidoctor:asciidoctor-maven-plugin:1.5.3:process-asciidoc failed: org.jruby.exceptions.RaiseException: (ArgumentError) invalid byte sequence in UTF-8 -

[23:58:14] <temporal_> it depends what kind of modification you do

[23:58:23] <temporal_> if you modify existing code you should better run http test

[23:58:29] <temporal_> like

[23:58:31] <temporal_> Http2ServerTest

[23:58:34] <temporal_> Http2ClientTest

[23:58:35] <temporal_> HttpTest

[23:59:19] <FainTMako> Okay so in the case of me adding in proxy support for the NetSocket I would need to run all of those tests in addition to my own.