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[10:50:38] <basky> Hi guys … I have been going through vertx 3 and If i am right modules are replaced by services. We have a vertx 2 application running and it has 8-9 modules of our own … We are trying to migrate them to vertx 3.. what will be the right approach for that .. Do i change all the modules to services ??

[11:29:09] <gobbler> is there a resource explaining vertx applications best practices?

[13:16:52] <pmlopes> @temporalfox, @cescoffier I've created 2 new branches on on web and one on examples with the new vertxbus.js and updates examples + webpack loader example. We can now use the same js file on plain HTML (no loader), NodeJS, CommonJS loader, AMD loader (Dojo Toolkit as example) and Webpack (using React)

[13:17:26] <pmlopes> all tests and examples work as before so I think I am now ready to look at the proxygen and see what needs to be done

[13:19:43] <cescoffier> pmlopes: cool !

[13:29:13] <pmlopes> @temporalfox do you have some config file i can use to do some syntax highlight on mvel for me? My eyes are starting to roll trying to identify matching braces and closed tags… 8-|/

[13:39:37] <cescoffier> temporalfox: would like to have it too ….

[13:54:22] <temporalfox> pmlopes I'll send that

[13:54:26] <temporalfox> and cescoffier too

[13:54:46] <temporalfox> pmlopes so the new vertxbus has the reply headers in that branch ?

[13:55:16] <pmlopes> how can i trigger the generation of the js proxy from the examples? i've modified the mvel locally but doing a clean install does not seem to update the js file

[13:55:37] <pmlopes> yes the vertxbus on the brach has reply header support

[13:56:29] <pmlopes> oh i found it, it goes to the normal js directory

[13:59:53] <temporalfox> pmlopes now the new jsgen

[14:00:01] <temporalfox> yes

[14:00:02] <pmlopes> yay! i got the proxy to call the eventbus, now i need to fix the loading of the js code, it assumes commonjs but the example we have is just a html include, i'll try to do the same we have with vertxbus to load on all loaders…

[14:00:04] <temporalfox> with -proxy behind

[14:00:17] <temporalfox> if you can fix loading it's great

[14:00:25] <temporalfox> did you change vertxbus.js in proxygen ?

[14:01:06] <temporalfox> pmlopes if you can make it work end to end, it's awesome :-)

[14:01:31] <temporalfox> cescoffier should do an example of connction in examples over the week

[14:03:12] <pmlopes> @temporalfox, yes i changed the proxygen and then went on the examples branch and rebuild the service-provider example and using my latest vertxbus.js it works (i get some errors about the loader which i am looking to fix now

[14:03:33] <cescoffier> pmlopes temporalfox : yes I need to think about a second example where a proxy is created and closed

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[14:46:27] <pmlopes> @temporalfox I am almost done with the codegen it generates working code for browsers but all tests fail for me on proxy-gen because it cannot find module vertx-js/bus does this ring a bell?

[14:46:57] <temporalfox> it should not use vertxbus.js anymore I think

[14:47:06] <temporalfox> as we provide the eventbus in the proxy constructor

[14:47:30] <temporalfox> is there any usage of this requires in the generated code ?

[14:48:01] <pmlopes> no it is only when running the unit tests of vertx-service-proxy

[14:50:04] <temporalfox> yes but still it's not requires

[14:50:12] <temporalfox> as the unit test JS create the bus and pass it to the proxy

[14:50:18] <temporalfox> as arg

[15:06:22] <pmlopes> i've pulled the latest from jsproxygen branch and even without my changes it fails, did you push all commits?

[15:18:22] <pmlopes> i've pushed my changes to the branches it now generates proxies with proper loaders and i also added a example of using the same proxy both on a web browser and nodejs

[15:19:28] <pmlopes> however the tests are broken for me since there is no eventbus mock…

[15:23:32] <temporalfox> did you remove the eventbus mock ?

[15:25:02] <temporalfox> we need the vertx-js/bus.js I think

[15:25:21] <temporalfox> I meant earlier that if the proxies makes a require on it

[15:25:24] <temporalfox> they should not need it

[15:25:51] <temporalfox> so perhaps there was misunderstanding from me

[15:25:58] <temporalfox> @pmlopes :-)

[15:27:55] <pmlopes> no i didn't but it does not seem to be present in the branch

[15:28:41] <temporalfox> hum

[15:28:42] <temporalfox> ok

[15:28:44] <temporalfox> eird :-)

[15:28:48] <pmlopes> i think the mock never ended in the branch because there is a rule on gitignore to ignore all files under vertx-js

[15:28:56] <temporalfox> ah I know

[15:29:02] <temporalfox> maybe it's because of .gitignore

[15:29:15] <temporalfox> src/main/resources/vertx-js/*.js

[15:29:17] <temporalfox> yes

[15:29:19] <temporalfox> it's the reason

[15:29:36] <temporalfox> I'll pull from you

[15:29:38] <temporalfox> and add it

[15:30:51] <temporalfox> now it's good pmlopes

[15:31:05] <temporalfox> you can try

[15:31:56] <temporalfox> so I think we need to update bus.js to use the new AR style

[15:43:30] <pmlopes> thanks i will continue

[16:24:19] <temporalfox> pmlopes I need your advice

[16:24:35] <pmlopes> yes

[16:25:26] <temporalfox> in shiro there is a problem to resolve properties files

[16:25:32] <temporalfox> when vertx.cwd is set

[16:25:37] <temporalfox> I've done a patch to shiro

[16:25:45] <temporalfox> when vertx.cwd exists

[16:25:59] <temporalfox> it tries to resolve the file according to the path of vertx.cwd

[16:26:04] <temporalfox> and if it exists it changes the path

[16:26:12] <temporalfox> WDYT ?

[16:27:15] <pmlopes> i think it is fine and we need probably the same for static handler serving when path starts with /

[16:27:35] <temporalfox> I can open an issue for static handler

[16:27:42] <temporalfox> so I'm gong to add some test

[16:27:44] <temporalfox> for this

[16:41:28] <temporalfox> pmlopes can you review this please ?

[16:42:16] <pmlopes_> Sure